How safe is a small safe?

How safe is a small safe?

Is a compact safe too small and lightweight to protect your things? Not if you get the right safe. All small safes are not created equal, and it's critical to understand what you need your safe to do in order to pick the right one.

Many products marketed as small safes are actually lock boxes. These metal cubes will certainly provide an added layer of security, but they are unlikely to deter anyone mildly invested in opening them or simply walking off with the entire box. They are great if you need a lock box. If you need a safe, however, then you need a safe.

Both the Cocono 20 and Cocono 40 are real safes, which is why even our most compact safe - the Cocono 20 small safe - comes equipped to ward off attack:

1. Five robust bolts

This small but mighty safe has 3 active bolts and 2 deadbolts. Have you tried to move a door with 5 engaged bolts? That door will not budge.

2. Impressive weight

At 85 lbs, the Cocono 20 compact safe weighs slightly more than a bag of cement, two large bags of dog food, or a 70 inch TV. Anyone who thinks they'll be able to walk off with it will be very disappointed.

3. Convenient anchor kit and template

The Cocono 20 small safe comes with all the necessary hardware (and a handy template) to bolt it to the floor. That means if someone wants to steal it, they will also have to steal the floor. We bet your floor is even heavier that a bag of cement.

4. Serious alarm system

This compact safe comes equipped with an alarm that will blast a 120dB alert if the safe is tampered with. Safes with alarms about as loud as a jackhammer increase the security level. You will hear it. 

All safes come with varying degrees of security and it's important to consider how much security you will need for your particular situation. If you're looking for a small safe that is fire resistant, compact, and fits nicely in your space, and packs a serious punch, the Cocono 20 is just the thing.

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