What should I keep in a Cocono?

Coconos are perfect for anything you’d like secured and safe from a fire: passports, car titles, social security cards, birth certificates, mementos that aren’t saved on the cloud (the only photo from your grandparents’ wedding, the secret family recipe card handwritten by someone who matters to you), an external hard drive, medications, recreational paraphernalia. Anything that is better off not floating loose around your space is at home in a Cocono.

How does shipping work?

All Coconos come shipped via UPS ground for free! Expedited options can be chosen during checkout. 

Can I move a Cocono by myself?

We do not recommend moving the Cocono by yourself. The Cocono 20 weighs around 85 lbs, and the Cocono 40 weighs around 120 lbs. Please use good body mechanics (lift with your knees), wear close-toed shoes, and have a buddy (for the 20) or 2 (for the 40). 

Do I have to bolt a Cocono down? 

No, Coconos do not need to be bolted down. Safes are more secure (because it makes it extra difficult for intruders to remove them) when they are bolted in place. This is why every Cocono comes with an Anchor Kit (including the hardware, instructions, and a floor template). However, because they are solid, stable, and weigh around 85 lbs (Cocono 20) and 120 lbs (Cocono 40), they are a serious deterrent to intruders even un-anchored. 

What is the fire rating on a Cocono?

Coconos come certified to the NT Fire 017 - Paper 90 standard, a rigorous classification moderated by the RISE Research Institute of Sweden. Safes that pass this test will maintain an internal temperature of under 177°C (350.6°F) for 90 minutes in the event of a fire. For reference, paper begins to char around 218°C (425°F).

How safe are Coconos from burglary?

All Coconos have 5 bolts - 2 deadbolts and 3 active bolts that engage when locked by a robust electronic and biometric locking system. Weighing around 85 lbs (Cocono 20) and 120 lbs (Cocono 40), both models are difficult to move once in place, especially when bolted to the ground. Additionally, all Coconos come with an alarm, that - when activated - will blast a 120dB alert if the safe is tampered with.

Are Coconos waterproof?

The Coconos are water resistant (they will be fine if you spill coffee on one, just wipe it off), but are not waterproof.

Do Coconos require batteries?

The Cocono electronic lock requires 4 AA batteries, which come included. The removable alarm inside the Cocono – which will blast a 120dB alert if the Cocono is tampered with – requires 2 AAA batteries. These also come included.

What happens if the batteries die? 

The lock batteries are located in a compartment on the inside of the door. If you notice the batteries running low, you can open the Cocono and replace them. Every Cocono comes with an external USB C power supply, which can be used if the batteries die before you have a chance to replace them. Simply put batteries in the Power Supply and plug it into the port on the face of the safe. This will enable you to power the safe to open the door and then replace the batteries. A video with instructions can be found here.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. All Coconos come with a 30 day warranty, which can be extended to 1 year for free by registering. Details and registration can be found here.

What is your return policy?

We hope you are completely satisfied with your purchase, but if you are not you are welcome to return the product within 30 days of purchase, subject to terms and conditions. Please review our full return policy here.

How do I lock a Cocono?

Coconos lock automatically when you shut the door. If you forget to shut the door, the Cocono will beep to let you know the door is still open.

What happens if I lock myself out?

Have you tried all your passcodes? Have you tried all the fingerprints you registered? Have you used the external USB C Power Supply to confirm that the batteries are not dead? Use this video as a reminder for how to use the Power Supply. When all else fails, you can use the Emergency Mechanical Override Keys that come with your Cocono. These should ONLY be used in case of an emergency as the safe is not designed to be repeatedly opened with the Keys, but they are there if you need them. Watch this video to see how.

Where can I find the manual?

Your safe will come with a User Manual and an Anchor Kit Installation Instruction sheet. They can also be found here.