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Cocono 40 Shelf

Cocono 40 Shelf

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Add shelves to the Cocono 40 medium safe for increased customization. The Cocono 40 medium safe comes standard with 1 drawer and 1 shelf, and can fit up to 8 total drawers or 4 total shelves. 

The chart below outlines possible configurations.

A Cocono 40 with this many shelves
will also fit this many drawers
0 up to 8
1 up to 6
2 up to 5
3 up to 3
4 up to 2


  • 120dB alarm as loud as a jackhammer sounds if the safe is tampered with.
  • 5 oversized bolts lock the door in place: 3 active bolts + 2 deadbolts.
  • Anchor kit with hardware and template included to easily secure your safe in place.


  • Certified to NT 017 - Paper 90, by the RISE Research Institute of Sweden.
  • This rigorous, industry standard test confirms that the interior temperature of the safe will stay below the temperature where paper chars for 90 minutes in event of a fire.


  • All safes come with both an electronic keypad and biometric fingerprint reader.
  • Each safe can store 2 passcodes of 4-20 numbers and 10 fingerprints.
  • Emergency back-up override keys are also provided with each safe.


  • Safes are shipped to your home for free in the contiguous 48 states via UPS ground.
  • More information on what to expect at delivery can be found here.


  • Your new Cocono 20 small safe in your chosen color, picked from the 3 pre-coated, high quality metal finishes
  • 1 interior drawer for organization
  • Anchor kit with hardware, instructions, and template
  • Batteries
  • Override keys
  • User manual


  • Our team is small but mighty. We combined our decades of experience in the security industry and safe manufacturing to develop Cocono home safes, creating the best value fire safes on the market.
  • We ship safes directly to you from our US facility, and we make sure every safe meets our exacting tolerances before heading out the door.
  • Questions or concerns? We're here to help. Connect with us via the chat button in the corner of the screen (8am-5pm EST) or contact us here.
  • We stand behind our products - Cocono safes are guaranteed by warranty.
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  • Photo of an open Cocono 20 small safe for home highlighting features: drawer, LED light, 2 deadbolts, 3 active bolts, anchor point, alarm as loud as a jackhammer


    • 120dB alarm as loud as a jackhammer
    • 5 oversized bolts: 3 active + 2 deadbolts secure the door
    • Drawer included
    • Interior LED light
    • Anchor kit included
  • Photo of the exterior of a Cocono 20 small safe for home showing dimensions: 15.5" x 13.5" x 18.25"


    • 18.25 inches wide
    • 15.5 inches deep
    • 13.5 inches high
    • 85 pounds
  • Photo of the interior of a Cocono 20 small safe for home showing dimensions: 14" x 8.9" x 10"


    • 14 inches wide
    • 10 inches deep
    • 8.9 inches high